The Pacific Data Sovereignty in partnership with the Ministry for Pacific Peoples and Statistics New Zealand Present:

Reclaiming Pacific Data

Pacific Data Sovereignty Conference 2022

"Nothing about us, without us"

We are Voyagers. For hundreds of years, we have used data to navigate the South Pacific. We learned the position of hundreds of constellations to circumnavigate the largest ocean in the world to settle and grow our people. We have a history of utilising data to achieve our goals and aspirations. The world today presents many new challenges and risks but is also rife with opportunities for Pacific peoples to utilise and benefit from the range of data and data sources available in a contemporary world.

The purpose of the Pacific Data Sovereignty Network is to establish a unified voice and collective guardianship of data and information pertaining to Pacific peoples living in New Zealand – Protecting Pacific knowledge, improving participation in the data ecosystem and promoting the value of Pacific methodology and culture in data journey.  As we build toward Census 23 building our input in the Pacific Data ecosystem becomes even more important. 

The conference in 2022 was premised on partnership and reciprocity. We invited people to engage or re-engage in the ongoing talanoa and exchange of what Pacific data is and what sovereignty and equity of Pacific data means in practice. 


Conference Objectives:

Day 1: Value of data in strengthening Pacific heritage

Data can be used to strengthen our connections to our Pacific cultures, languages, and practices and to facilitate individual and collective wellbeing. Day 1 focused on centering Pacific worldviews about data and data sovereignty and equity. We called on our Pacific communities to understand the value of Pacific in data and data ecosystems and to be part of the movement to reclaim Pacific data.

Day 2: Partnership and reciprocity in data

Data is collected from and about Pacific peoples every day. How can we ensure appropriate governance and guardianship of this data and facilitate safe and secure access for Pacific peoples and communities? We hear from leaders and facilitators of data ecosystems across Aotearoa about their efforts to build reciprocal partnerships with Pacific data users and communities. We invite you to consider how you can participate in reciprocal partnerships across national data systems or in your own organisation or community